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Pingu's English mother Course Overview Give your child a head start with Pingu’s English

Pingu's English is the most fun, friendly and effective way for your pre-school child to learn English.

Developed by education and language experts, this unique syllabus combines imaginative activities with multimedia resources for 3-7+ years.

Classes are lively, engaging and unlike those at most other schools. From games and craftwork to stories and songs, Pingu's English helps your child find the learning style they like best – in a safe and happy environment.

Drawing on Pingu's loveable character and fun-loving adventures in the South Pole, Pingu's English makes English fun to teach and fun to learn. Everyone has a better time!

The course also offers an extensive range of learning and support materials for parents.

Pingu's English Packshots

Learning English with Pingu's English: more fun, more effective

There are three levels to Pingu's English based on a "spiral" topic-based syllabus. Each level comprises 12 units with a minimum of 72 teaching hours per level.

The aim of the course is to help your child communicate confidently in English by having fun. It uses a wide range of entertaining activities to which your child can easily relate. Each unit is based on an episode of Pingu delivered on DVD.

New vocabulary and grammar is taught on each level. This is repeated and practised throughout our spiral syllabus to ensure your child understands and can communicate with confidence.

Topics include: greetings, family, toys, food, household, colours and numbers. The syllabus also covers verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs through the four key learning experiences (reading, writing, listening, speaking).

Unlike many other courses, Pingu's English teaches these four key learning experiences at the same time.